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The largest and oldest producer of crushed stone in Oklahoma.

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Dolese is a leading supplier of crushed stone throughout this region and is consistently ranked as one of the top 20 aggregate producers in the country. Our crushed stone products range in size from riprap - large, broken stones used to line lake shores, rivers and creeks for erosion control - to aglime, a fine limestone dust used by farmers to neutralize soil acidity. 

Dolese operates 11 crushed stone production and distribution facilities strategically located throughout Oklahoma as well as a sand and gravel operation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

As the largest and oldest producer of crushed stone in Oklahoma, we have the resources and ability to handle the largest and most difficult construction projects in the region. 

Dolese crushed stone products are thoroughly tested at our production facilities and in our Quality Control Laboratory in Oklahoma City to ensure our materials meet or exceed all state or federal standards for materials we may quote. We also have the ability to work with customers to meet their specific gradation requirements.

We are dedicated to maintaining the Dolese legacy of producing the finest quality aggregates and delivering that quality with Dolese's legendary customer service. We are continually evaluating our operations in an effort to improve our production to provide the highest quality products at a competitive price. We have invested significantly in our facilities to provide top quality materials and service to our customers. 

Examples of this continuing improvement include a new mill and load out system at our Davis Quarry, a new crushing system at our Hartshone Quarry, and another new crushing system coming soon to our Coleman Quarry. Our new crushers allow us to offer a wider range of products with more reliable product availability and improved quality. 

Crushed Stone Page

In the near future we will be upgrading our ticketing and load out systems at more of our facilities. These upgrades will allow your trucks to get in and out of our facilities faster than ever before. 

Please call Dolese's Aggregate Sales Department at (405) 235-2311 to discuss your crushed stone requirements or for any additional information on our many products and delivery options.


It's Easy to Say "Quality". It's Harder to Deliver it.

At Dolese, the quality of our products is of utmost importance - because our products represent us.

To guarantee that our aggregate products meet specifications and customer expectations, we conducted across-the-board Quality Control Lab upgrades at each of our quarries. Staffed by nine trained technicians, these new labs perform tests on our crushed stone products, ensuring we produce a consistent product.

Our aggregates are further tested at Dolese's Central Lab in Oklahoma City - in both raw form and as a component of ready-mixed concrete. At the central lab, aggregates undergo annual testing for alkali-silica reaction (ASR) in concrete, as well as the determination of physical properties such as abrasion resistance, soundness, specific gravity and absorption. In the form of ready-mixed concrete, they also undergo freeze/thaw testing according to for ASTM and Oklahoma Department of Transportation specifications.

We manufacture many sizes of crushed stone at Dolese Bros. Co.

How do you decide which product to use?

Every project is different, and consideration should be given to the general condition of the construction site, its drainage and usage. After that, some basic "rules of thumb" apply.

Even though we produce many sizes of crushed stone, these products can be broadly categorized into two groups. The first, "Clean Rock", consists of products that are clean and have little or no "fines" (smaller pieces) included in them. The other group may contain smaller particles down to and including dust.

Clean Rock is used to make concrete, chip seal a road, fill a lateral line or to add a decorative touch to landscaping projects. These materials are coarse, do not compact, and are excellent in drainage applications.

Products that include fines are commonly referred to as "Base Materials" and are best for roads, parking lots or driveway projects. The fines in the product act as a binder, holding the rock together and making a compacted, sturdy base. Clean Rock lacks that binder and will not compact.

Some specific materials and their most common applications are listed below:

Clean Rock & Base Materials Tables (Download PDF)



More than our trucks are green.

At Dolese Bros. Co., we strive to be an environmentally friendly company by conserving our natural resources. One method of conservation we embrace is recycling broken or unused concrete into "new" base material. 

Recycled concrete is a viable product for use as a base material to build roads, driveways or building pads. 

We recycle concrete at our Block Plant located at 7100 S. Sunnylane in Oklahoma City. 

If your project allows, or if you just want to explore being a little more green, call the Dolese Aggregate Sales Department at (405) 235 2311. 




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Dolese's ranking as one of the top sand and gravel producers in the country comes from our ability to offer quality products that meet our customer's needs at a competitive price.

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