The Origins Of Dolese Bros. Co.

Early Days

Founded by four brothers – William, John, Henry and Peter – Dolese Bros. Co. originally focused on the construction of streets, sewer facilities, and other public projects in and near Chicago.

William soon decided to leave the company in the sole ownership of his three younger brothers. They evolved the business of the company from contracting to operating railroad-owned ballast plants and quarries in various locations along the main lines in Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

Prior to Oklahoma's statehood in 1907, Dolese Bros. Co. was already operating several quarries in the territory, as well as in Colorado and Iowa. As Oklahoma was settled, Dolese provided the many thousands of tons of crushed stone and sand that were needed to construct the young state's roads.

Roger M. Dolese

In 1940, Peter's son Roger M. Dolese joined the company – and eventually took the reins. Applying the philosophy of offering quality products and excellent service at a fair price, Mr. Dolese led the company through many years of growth and development until his death in late 2002.

Consistent with Mr. Dolese's belief in sensible growth, Dolese Bros. Co. has continued to expand its production and sales capacity in Oklahoma through acquisitions and organic development. Expansion continued in 2011, as Dolese became one of the leading concrete producers in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, market.