Dolese Delivers to a Community in Need

Oklahoma City-based Dolese Bros. Co. recently donated a truck to the Roosevelt Fire Department in Roosevelt, Okla. The truck will aid in the fight against the wildfires in western parts of Oklahoma, as well as general fire response and intervention efforts in the rural community.

“Dolese strives to improve our communities through our products, actions and support,” Dolese Director of Communications and Community Relations Kermit Frank said. “When we have a truck available, we do our best to fulfill the need in communities such as Roosevelt so the local first responders are better equipped to keep their homes, businesses and residents safe.”

Dolese presented the keys to a 2009 Sterling LT9 truck to the Roosevelt Fire Department. The department outfitted the truck with a skid unit tank received from the Oklahoma Forestry Services that is complete with a pumping system.

"We have always been supportive of Dolese's quarry operations here in our community," Roosevelt Mayor Nolan McCall said. "When we learned about Dolese's truck donations to rural fire departments, we jumped at the opportunity to add a tanker to our fleet to help keep our residents safe within the more than 340 square miles we cover. The truck we received is heavy-duty enough to drive the dirt roads and combat wildfires, and it has the capacity to carry 3,000 gallons of water. That’s three times the amount of water we have typically been able to carry to combat wildfires."

Dolese understands that rural fire departments have limited budgets for firefighting equipment and vehicles. Access to adequate fire equipment is critical to save lives and property in an emergency. Dolese has historically donated used trucks to fire departments in need across the state, as Dolese headquarters is in Oklahoma City and the company has numerous plants and locations around the state, including the Roosevelt Quarry at 15129 N. 2220 Rd.