Dolese Delivers to a Community in Need


OKLAHOMA CITY (Nov. 24, 2021) — Oklahoma City-based Dolese Bros. Co. recently donated four trucks to rural fire departments, including Canute, Turley, Meeker and Rush Creek. The trucks will aid in the storage of water supply for the fire departments which will also help with the overall wellbeing of the surrounding communities. 


“We pride ourselves in building communities from the ground up,” Dolese’s Vice President of Communications and Community Relations Kermit Frank said. “When we see an opportunity to improve the safety and quality of life through our products, actions and support, we deliver. Through our equipment donations, these fire departments can protect local homes, businesses and residents more efficiently. Dolese appreciates the opportunity to help and we thank all firefighters for their service.” 


Dolese presented the keys to a 2011 Peterbilt Cabin Chassis to all four fire departments. The departments will retrofit the trucks and turn them into a water supply tankers.


“Dolese’s contribution to the safety of our community helps us tremendously,” Canute Fire Department Captain Gary Wade said. “We are a very rural area. There’s nothing close by, and we oftentimes have to shuttle water to help other departments. We have five new departments around us, and we are always helping each other when something drastic happens. So this truck not only helps us immensely but our surrounding communities as well.”


Access to adequate fire equipment is critical to save lives and property in an emergency. Dolese has historically donated used trucks to fire departments in need across the state.


“Dolese’s truck donation helps us out a lot,” Turley Fire Department Chief Nick Dennis said. “We’ve got quite a few areas where we don’t have hydrants, so just being able to take water to the scene is of great importance. Our current tanker is on its last leg, so this truck is a huge blessing for us.”


About Dolese Bros. Co.

Dolese Bros. Co., a longstanding construction materials business, supplies quality foundational building products used to construct and grow communities. Founded in 1902, the company’s commitment to customer service and product quality has helped it grow from its humble beginnings to today’s operation of more than 60 facilities with over 1,000 employees throughout Oklahoma. Dolese delivers on a mission to improve communities through its products, actions and support of local organizations. For more information, please visit the Dolese Bros. Co. website at