"Hardscapes," as the name implies, are the “hard" materials used in landscaping such as concrete, brick or stone. Any non-living ornamentation in your landscaping is, technically, part of your hardscaping. Outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, water features and benches are just a few of many creative uses of Dolese's outdoor living hardscaping products.


The investment you make in your outdoor living space will pay dividends for decades. It says something about who you are. Whether it's an outdoor fireplace, a water feature, a complete outdoor kitchen or even a one-of-a-kind pizza oven, what you can do with our products is limited only by imagination.


Give your borders some flair. Garden wall products are perfect for walls up to two feet high, as well as patio, lawn or sidewalk edging. Flowerbed borders are an especially popular use for this product, and can be installed by almost anyone.

Curved, straight or terraced walls can be matched to the contours of your yard or garden for a beautiful, low-maintenance enhancement of your outdoor space.


Add simple, low-maintenance style. Brick pavers add a touch of style and elegance to any hardscaping project or outdoor living space. Though segmental pavers have been used since the times of the Romans, interlocking concrete pavers have grown in popularity over the past few decades because of their beauty, versatility and value.


When tall retaining walls are needed, you need strength and engineering you can trust.

Dolese Bros. Co. manufactures multiple styles and colors of structural segmental retaining wall systems that are trusted by the area's professional installers. No project is too tough, and we are here to help you all the way. When an engineered solution is needed, look no further than Dolese Bros. Co.

Not Sure What You Want?

Get some ideas here. If you're handy around the house, you should have no problems installing these products. Pick some projects and try to accomplish one each year until your outdoor space grows into what you've dreamed of.

No Time For DIY?

We can recommend trusted local contractors to get the job done right.

Call or visit our concrete block manufacturing facility at I-240 and South Sunnylane Road in Oklahoma City to learn more, view product samples, and see pricing information.

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