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Masonry made beautiful

Standard Concrete Masonry units

They're a favorite building material of architects and structural engineers for a number of important properties. The primary structural property is compressive strength. In many cases, steel reinforced CMU construction may provide the most economical way to meet certain requirements of building codes or the specialized needs of a client.

Using concrete blocks in any building design can significantly increase its fire code rating. The fire rating of concrete blocks vary by unit type, and we can provide blocks with two-hour or four-hour fire rating if needed.

CMU walls are easily insulated with a variety of products inside, outside, or in the ungrouted cores of hollow units. Designs that utilize thermal mass can take advantage of CMUs to provide consistent temperatures for comfortable spaces.

Concrete blocks are also an effective noise control material. Exterior walls reflect outdoor sounds away while interior walls help to block sound between rooms.

Split-Face Concrete Masonry units

CMUs Made Beautiful

Once thought of as a very utilitarian, strictly gray building material, Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) are now available in a wide array of colors, textures and finishes that architects utilize to produce attractive and durable designs.

The addition of iron oxide pigments to CMUs produce countless pleasing "earth tones" that are popular color choices for new building constructions. Two or even three colors can be blended to make very attractive combinations, and white cement can be used to make gorgeous pastels.

Split Face Concrete Masonry Units are a special class of decorative block that feature a rough, stone-like texture created by splitting the blocks during production. Two blocks are molded as one large unit, and a guillotine-like knife splits the units apart and exposes the interior aggregates. Smooth finishes are also available. Since our blocks are manufactured to the standards of ASTM-C90, structural walls can be constructed with attractive low-maintenance finishes.


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Split Face Block Colors

  • Muskogee Buff
  • Camargo Gold
  • Cimarron Sand
  • Osage Créme
  • White Gypsum
  • Kingfisher Khaki
  • Red Dirt
  • Perry Maroon
  • Rose Rock
  • Arbuckle Silver
  • Hartshorne Gray
  • Nowata Coal
  • Mustang Tan
  • Taloka Chocolate
  • Anadarko Brown

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