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Swythe-Brik: Single-Wythe Brick Walls

Dolese's Exclusive Swythe-Brik

A slight twist on standard CMU construction, Swythe-Brik utilizes colored concrete blocks that are half the height of normal blocks and give the appearance of brick.

Available in a range of color blends, Swythe-Brik combines the advantages of single-wythe masonry construction with the traditional, handsome brick look that is so popular. This increases the speed of construction and can be a real cost-saver when compared to traditional methods.

Commercial buildings are an obvious choice for the use of this versatile product, as well as walls surrounding a property or housing addition. The look of double-wythe brick wall can be attained with construction of just one wall – less than half the cost!

Uptown Grocery Swythe-Brik Installation

Swythe Brik is manufactured with special color blending technology, giving it the irregular – and beautiful – look of traditional clay brick. The following blends, reminiscent of the colors and textures of Oklahoma towns, are available:

  • Beckham County
  • Comargo Gold
  • Creek County
  • Edmond Blend
  • Kiowa Blend
  • Natural Grey
  • Nowata Coal
  • Osage Cream
  • Tulsa County
  • Washita County
  • White Gypsum

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