Dolese Bros. Co.

About Dolese

Dolese Bros. Co. traces its roots to the days before statehood. Originally established to furnish quarried rock for railroad construction, Dolese has since developed into a full-service construction supply and material operation, employing more than 1,000 people in Oklahoma.

The company's plants and quarries produce more than concrete, sand, crushed stone, and concrete block products – Dolese provides our customers with innovative solutions that help them build our region's homes, communities and infrastructure. From individual homeowners to large industrial contractors, our customers rely on Dolese to fulfill their building needs.

From humble beginnings to today's operation spanning more than 60 facilities across two states, Dolese Bros. Co. remains focused on the same principles that have been guiding the company for more than 100 years – a dedication to service and quality at a fair price.


Our customers depend on us to deliver the highest quality products, and they rely on us to deliver on time. The use of advanced technology such as central dispatch hubs, global positioning systems and automated loading systems help provide timely deliveries to our customers.


Dolese operates more than 38 ready mix plants, 14 aggregate facilities, a block plant, and a masonry supply warehouse to serve our customers. We are continually implementing and evaluating projects to improve production, quality and service at our facilities.


Historically, the largest contractors in our region have trusted Dolese to produce not only aggregate materials, and concrete blocks to meet their needs, but new, unusual and unprecedented concrete mixes as well.


Dolese personnel are dedicated to assuring the quality of each and every product. We employ skilled and experienced engineers along with trained and certified quality control technicians to ensure that the company's products meet or exceed all specified requirements.


Dolese has long been committed to preserving the environment. All of our operations meet or exceed local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Additionally, Dolese is dedicated to restoring mined areas to beneficial use while avoiding the unnecessary disturbance to vegetation, habitat, and landscape features. Several of our former mining sites have been reclaimed as recreational facilities and donated to communities. Dolese Youth Park in Oklahoma City is just one example of land that has been recreated into a beautiful lake and terrain that is now enjoyed by thousands of people each year.