Chesapeake Campus

When visitors admire the architecture, organization and beauty of Chesapeake's Oklahoma City campus, they may not realize they're also admiring Dolese products. We provided thousands of yards of concrete for everything from foundations to parking lots, helping to construct this immense and ever-evolving project.

The Beauty

When you think of the Chesapeake Energy campus, you probably don't think of concrete. That's intentional. The beautifully designed and meticulously landscaped campus feels more like a park than an office complex, with Georgian-style architecture evocative of the Chesapeake Bay and Ivy League campuses.

Although out-of-towners often mistake the 120-acre campus for a school, this state-of-the-art campus holds more than 2,200,000 square feet of office space as well as three restaurants, two theaters and a fitness center – with more buildings and projects being started and completed each day.

What's Underneath

You see rows of handsome buildings and an immaculate new running track, we see thousands of yards worth of foundation pours and the 7-story parking garage conveniently hiding beneath that track.

For the last six years, we've worked with Smith & Pickel to provide over 100,000 cubic yards of high-performance concrete for the foundations, slabs, roads and sidewalks throughout the campus, as well as pavers, blocks and other hardscaping products and riprap for the creek running through it all.

We're proud to stand side-by-side with Chesapeake and admire how their vision has been brought to fruition. Together with Smith & Pickel, we've shown that Dolese Delivers.

"It's how we've done it for more than a hundred years. And how we intend to do it for a hundred more."

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