Riversport Rapids

It required midnight pours of 600 yards of concrete at a time, but that's far from the most unique thing about OKC's Maps III Whitewater Project. Riversport Rapids holds a staggering nine million gallons of water and pumps more than a million gallons per minute to create rapids for pros and amateurs alike – right in downtown OKC's Boathouse District. And it's all made possible by Dolese's concrete.

Like No Place Else

If you were to guess the location of the world’s newest premier whitewater rafting and kayaking destination, you’d probably look to the mountains. But you’d be wrong. Nestled in Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District – near downtown OKC – is Riversport Rapids, a Class II-IV whitewater rafting facility. This $45.2 million project brings whitewater rafting and kayaking out of the mountains and right into the heart of a city in the great plains, offering everything from fun for families and amateurs to professional Olympic trials.

Making It Happen

With a plant just half a mile from the site of Riversport Rapids – not to mention the history, experience and know-how – Dolese was an obvious choice for general contractor Downey Contracting. Over the course of nearly two years, we delivered concrete at all hours of the night to make this feat of engineering possible.

The rapids run through three channels constructed of special, high-strength concrete. This isn't your typical concrete – it has to stand up to a million gallons of water every minute in each channel.

When the project was complete and Riversport Rapids opened to the public in 2016, everyone agreed: Dolese Delivered.

"It's how we've done it for more than a hundred years. And how we intend to do it for a hundred more."

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