Hobby Lobby

Every single product Hobby Lobby sells is distributed through the company’s massive distribution hub and corporate campus in Oklahoma City. And Dolese’s concrete helps every one of those products on its way.

Tenacious Growth

As Hobby Lobby’s business has grown, its need for warehouse and distribution space has also grown – to the tune of millions of square feet. Hobby Lobby’s headquarters complex sits just northwest of Will Rogers World Airport and is comprised of five warehouses (among many other buildings), each between 1 and 2 million square feet. One of the original warehouses, which encompasses 2 million square feet of space, was built in three stages over 10 years.

The newest warehouse – the Moore Track – is just as big, but its start-to-finish time was a fraction of the time. And we didn’t only supply concrete for floors and foundations. The warehouse walls were poured and cured on the ground before being tilted up into place. That meant we had to deliver a lot of concrete – and do it quickly. To keep pace, we poured all day, every day (except Sunday, of course).

Why Dolese?

Hobby Lobby has always called Oklahoma City its home. And since 2012, it’s called Dolese a partner. They chose us to provide all of their concrete, as well as aggregate base, recycled concrete for base and backfill, concrete block and retaining walls. Hobby Lobby Construction’s Senior Project Manager, Mike Gilmore said the choice was easy.

“Dolese is the only concrete company that I know of here in town that has the manpower, the raw materials and the delivery process in place to supply us what we need, when we need it,” he said.

"It's how we've done it for more than a hundred years. And how we intend to do it for a hundred more."

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