ICF House
university of oklahoma and R&R homes

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF)

A partnership between the University of Oklahoma, R&R Homes and Dolese Bros. Co. will help study the energy efficiency of ICF homes. Builders have been exploring the use of ICF as a way to protect homes from extreme weather conditions, like fire or high winds, and to reduce energy costs for homeowners.

Measuring Energy Efficiency

R&R Homes, an Oklahoma City-based homebuilder, is constructing six homes: two built with ICF, two traditional wood frame homes with spray-in insulation, and two wood frame homes with fiberglass insulation. Once construction of each home is complete, OU students will place sensors in each of the homes to gather data about the energy efficiency of each home. Sensors will measure the indoor and outdoor temperature, gas and electric usage, and the humidity in each home over the course of a year.

Building With Strength

The National Ready-Mix Concrete Association’s (NRMCA) Build with Strength program has praised homes built with insulating concrete forms (ICF) for their energy efficiency and resiliency. This project will help builders learn more about ICF to help their customers make the right decision.

“If I were building a home today, there’s no way it wouldn’t be ICF.”

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