Fortified Home

Devastating storms have left many homebuyers leery of traditional construction. They want something stronger, something tougher – something that can stand up to the storm.

Making Residential Construction Oklahoma Strong

Traditional wood frame construction is designed to provide families with durable homes that can last for many decades in average climates. As we've seen too many times, Oklahoma's climate – and weather – is anything but average.

To match Oklahoma's unpredictable and sometimes dangerous weather, Dolese is introducing a new method to the residential and home construction business: Fortified Home Construction via the use of concrete masonry and further structural reinforcement.

Further structural reinforcements improve flexural and tensile capacity of exterior walls, and with hurricane straps and a safe room you'll have a house that can stand up to Oklahoma storms – like the one recently built with Dolese products in the path of the May 2013 Moore Tornado.

Block construction doesn't mean blocky appearance. Concrete Masonry construction can include high ceilings, tall windows, elaborate arches and columns in houses one, two or three stories tall. Clad the exterior in veneer stone, brick or stucco and no one will notice a difference – until the next storm rolls through.

Concrete Masonry Construction VS. Wood Framing

STRONGER. Concrete Masonry can stand up to hurricane-force winds – and the debris they carry.

TERMITE RESISTANT. Concrete is not on a termite's menu.

FIRE RESISTANT. Ever tried to light a rock on fire?

BETTER INSULATED. If strong winds, termites, fire and debris can't get through, highway noise and cold drafts don't stand a chance.

MOISTURE RESISTANT. Less moisture means less mold, less mildew and fewer allergens.

GREENER. No studs means no trees cut down, and we can even include recycled materials in the concrete.

SIMPLE. If you've got a mason and a trowel, you have most of the equipment needed.

INSURANCE SAVINGS. Fire resistance, increased strength and other characteristics mean lower insurance premiums.

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"It's how we've done it for more than a hundred years. And how we intend to do it for a hundred more."

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