Dolese Receives Green-Star Certification

Designed by the National Ready-Mixed Concrete Association's Environmental and Safety Committee (NRMCA-OES), the Green-Star Program serves to recognize concrete producers who use Environmental Management Systems for environmental benchmarking and improvement - and those who have proven their adherence to practices and principles which further the sustainability movement of our industry.

It recgonizes "those within the concrete industry who have achieved or are actively working towards environmental excellence and/or a demonstrable reduction of environmental impacts"(source: NRMCA).

Dolese's Midtown OKC Batch Plant was the first plant in Oklahoma to receive Green-Star Certification. We're proud of this achievement, and feel that it reflects our history and principles in a way that would make Mr. Dolese proud.

According to the NRMCA, some of the benefits of Green-Star Certification include:

  • Favored Status - Customers favor doing business with organizations that are known to be protective of the environment.
  • Increased Profits - Organizations will attain savings through its efforts in pollution prevention and waste reduction. Improved
  • Efficiency - Sound, consistent environmental management methods will improve profits. Community Goodwill - An organization's stand on environmental policy and action may be the most important factor in achieving and maintaining the community's goodwill.
  • Reduction of Liability and Risk - An organization is less apt to have environmental problems by using a proactive EMS that documents results and has continual improvement.


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